Many people do not realize we are not promised tomorrow!!! When God is ready for you is coming to take you home.. Honestly you need to be ready at any giving time for him.. You need to stay fateful to God. You can not live one life and think well I have tomorrow to fix my problems with God. However you do not have tomorrow!! Wrap your head around this you could go to bed tonight and not wake up tomorrow.. Every morning you wake up it is blessing and a reason why you are here!!! Please do not wait til tomorrow to fix your problems with God!!! Do it right know because people you are not promised tomorrow!!!


The world

In today world there is two types of people. One is lost and one is saved. The lost people are on a different road then the saved people. Lost people are part of the world saved people are just on the world living different from the lost. Lost people are sometimes unhappy in life and the saved people most of

 the time have a smile on the face and happy. Did you know you can choose to be lost or saved.


Life is something we all think about here and there. However, do you sit down and realize how bless we are! We wake up every day able to move and open our eyes. You may not have a religion or bless in something different but I believe that god blesses us everyday to wake up and keep moving!